How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries in Chicago

Avoid Getting Hurt During the Winter Season in ChicagoWith the arrival of cold and winter, training spirits also diminish. However, there are many reasons to play sports in winter. The most important thing before doing any physical activity during cold seasons is to determine the physical and cardiovascular capacities of each person to avoid possible pathologies and injuries.

Recent studies show that running in winter lowers the heart rate by up to 6% because we pump less blood to the skin to dissipate heat. Also, dehydration levels decrease by producing 38% less sweat. Both aspects reduce the risks of heart conditions.

On the other hand, 32% of runners claim to have better performance and thermal sensation when they practice sports in the winter season. Thus increasing the ability to maintain the physical effort for longer.

The ideal temperature for sports in cold weather is 10 to 11 degrees Celsius. From Grandview Health Partners Chiropractors we are going to give you a series of tips to avoid injuries during the winter

How To Avoid Injuries In Winter in Chicago

Playing sports in winter can lead to a series of injuries if certain precautions are not taken to deal with the low temperatures. One recommendation is to join a group to avoid running alone.

According to the latest studies, injuries are more likely in winter than in summer. Exposure to cold can decrease factors such as strength and agility. Cold conditions and icy terrain are one of the main causes of injury. The knee is the most prone to injury, while tendinitis is the most common type of injury among those who play sports in winter.

To avoid these types of injuries and ailments, it is recommended to take food supplements, which help prevent injuries and offer extra protection to the body.

Warming Up To Avoid Injuries in Chicago

To avoid injury during the winter, one of the key factors is warming up. In the cold, both the muscles and the joint system are much stiffer and less mobile.

For this reason, it is essential to perform a good warm-up which improves functionality and, above all, prevents injuries from occurring. The type of heating must be carried out taking into account the characteristics of each person. Normal heating takes an average of 15 minutes, but in winter it should be at least 25 minutes.


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