Whiplash Injury: Diagnosis and treatment in Chicago

Whiplash Injury Treatment in ChicagoThe term sprain or whiplash refers to the transfer of energy to the neck by a sudden, forced movement, with an acceleration-deceleration mechanism, which causes a sudden movement of the head backward (hyperextension) and forwards (hyperflexion).

This causes compression and stretching of the ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine. The most frequent cause is a collision between two vehicles, with rear reach, although it can occur for other reasons, such as in contact sports (boxing, kick-boxing, full-contact …) or due to an accident in any risk sport ( skiing, basketball, and any extreme jumping sport).

That is, some neck muscles are compressed on one side and stretched on the opposite side, then returning to their original position, performing the same trajectory as a whip when we wave it in the air.

Whiplash or whiplash injuries are different from those caused by pure compression or direct trauma, more likely to cause dislocation or fractures of the spine, and are known as whiplash syndrome, whiplash, cervical strain, or soft tissue injury of the cervical spine.

Diagnosing Whiplash in Chicago

The main symptom of whiplash or cervical sprain is neck pain, which can be very severe. Pain may appear hours or days after trauma. Symptoms are highly variable, although the most frequent are: pain, stiffness, the heaviness of the neck, with or without tingling in the arms, pain in the shoulders and upper back, headache, dizziness, vertigo, or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

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