Heat vs. Ice Treatment in Chicago IL: Should You Use Heat or Ice for Your Pain?

Learn When to Use Heat and When to Use Ice for Your Aches and Pains

Learn When to Use Heat and When to Use Ice for Your Aches and Pains in Chicago

Should You Use Heat Or Ice For Pain?
There has been a long debate among pain sufferers whether to apply heat or ice treatment to different types of aches and pains. Some individuals say that heat is the best option whiles other rely on ice and tell the same. So, which one actually is the best option to use? Well, here is a little guide we put together for you to determine which one you should try first.

Will The Heat Help Ease Pain?
Before you even try to use heat, here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Do you feel your muscles tight and tender?
  • Is the pain located in the joints or the muscles?
  • Has you injury healed yet?

Your answers will be very much relevant here because of how heat works to relieve different
types of pain.

When You Should Use Heat For Pain
Heat is very effective to relieve pain just in case the tension in your muscles is increasing the pain. It also helps a lot in easing up the stiff joint and is very appropriate for musculoskeletal conditions as well which include arthritis and old muscle strains or sprains.

When You Should Not Be Using Heat
If the injury is new or fresh, then ice is the best option for you. Ice helps in decreasing the swelling and stopping the bleeding. It also reduces bruising which is caused by trauma. Not to mention that ice is not only for new injuries, however: it helps a lot in numbing the sensitive areas and decreases the pain sensations caused by other chronic conditions.

As a matter of fact, ice is considered to be a very effective pain reliever for different chronic pain conditions which includes:

A Bit Of Both? Combo of Ice and Heat Treatments For Pain
Many different types of treatments for pain also include the use of both heat and ice, along with recommended exercises or stretching in the middle of it. For some certain pains and injuries, you can make use of heat to a muscle in order to warm it up, stretch and strengthen it, and then finish it off with a little ice to cool it down again. This isn’t a spa treatment but it can help you a lot in tolerating the exercises used in therapy that will benefit you.

The Heat vs. Ice Verdict
If you aren’t sure of whether you should use heat or ice for aches and pains, always consult with your doctor or physical therapists. Whichever treatment you choose, it should be based on the cause and source of your pain which would be addressed by your health care expert. You should be your own advocate and educate yourself enough on the best approach towards pain relief.

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