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Do you suffer from pain and are looking for an alternate treatment option?  Grandview Health Partners is a leading chiropractor clinic for dry needling and acupuncture in Chicago. We offer several treatment options including a natural solution to relieve and manage pain using acupuncture.

Understanding pain and how it affects you may help you relieve and manage it with routine chiropractic care at our clinic.

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Dry Needling and Acupunture Therapy

Dry needling therapy is one of the most effective ways or techniques adopted by chiropractors to help relieve the pain. At Grandview Health Partners, we offer this treatment option. In dry needling, needles are inserted on the trigger points, muscle spasm, tendon and ligaments. This is done in order to decrease the tone and tension of the soft tissue and promote scar tissue remodeling. If we talk on a scientific level, dry needling therapy will help to increase the blood flow and stimulate your blood cells known as fibroblast which is similar to transverse friction massage and Graston Technique. Because this, your body’s natural efficiency and healing mechanisms will enhance. Quite often, dry needling technique, when performed, it results in muscle twitch which is then followed by an instant reflexive relaxation of the muscle.

Dry Needling is Extremely useful for those suffering with chronic conditions like:

Is Dry Needling and Acupuncture Same?

This is a tricky question and the best answer to it is “yes and no”. In dry needling, the tools used are the same as the ones used in acupuncture. However, the goal to achieve is different in this case. To make it simple, acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world which focuses on affecting the energy channels within the human body. Needless to say, acupuncture has been very effective in treating different types of physical symptoms using a holistic approach towards healing. Dry needling therapy focuses on the musculoskeletal problems. It makes use of acupuncture needles in order to stimulate blood flow to the injured area or the area of chronic pain. Our sports chiropractors at Grandview Health Partners are certified in dry needling and acupuncture. This lets them make use of both the approaches from both the disciplines with a unique treatment protocol for each patient’s needs.

Why Dry Needling at Grandview Health Partners Versus Physical Therapy?

In the state of Illinois, various physical therapists perform dry needling as a therapy without the need of any extensive training or too much experience. On the contrary, our professional sports chiropractors have to become board licensed in acupuncture before they are allowed to make use of dry needling therapy for chiropractic care. This requires 100’s of hours of clinical training as well as passing a national board exam which is pretty tough. This way, you can be confident that our chiropractors have undergone extensive training of dry needling and acupuncture.

Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Different patients have different reactions to dry needling therapy. Most of the patients will experience a mild cramping sensation at the needling site which can be sometime slightly uncomfortable. Whereas, some patients said that the discomfort remained for up to two days after the procedure. This usually depends on your condition and the area which is treated.

So, if you are suffering from any condition that can be benefited by dry needling therapy and acupuncture, please contact our chiropractors for dry needling and acupunture in Chicago to get the appropriate treatment for you.  Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your condition with our sports chiropractic physician.