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Do you suffer from sharp and stabbing pain in your heel or the arch of the foot?  Grandview Health Partners is a leading chiropractic clinic for plantar fasciitis treatment in Chicago. We offer several treatment options including a natural solution to relieve and manage plantar fasciitis.

Understanding plantar fasciitis and how it affects you may help you relieve and manage it with routine chiropractic care at our clinic.

Treatment options for Plantar Fasciitis Pain in Chicago IL

Plantar Fasccitis – Can a Sports Chiropractor Help?

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition that results in sharp and stabbing pain in your heel or the arch of the foot. Usually the pain is at its peak when you wake up in the morning and take the first few steps right out of the bed. Plantar fasciitis and other different kinds of foot pain are commonly treated at Grandview Health Partners with great success.

The plantar fascia is a large ligament in the bottom of the foot which is connected to the heel bone known as the calcaneus, one of the twenty-six bones in your foot. These twenty six bones create thirty-three joints in each foot and twenty of these joints actively participate in helping you move or run. Whenever any of these joints in your foot become restricted or fails to function properly this can lead to dysfunctional biomechanics which can then lead to micro tearing of the plantar fascia. This creates intense heel pain. If left untreated, a plantar fascia injury can take years to go away.

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

There are several different treatments that help to improve plantar fasciitis. All of these therapies are used by our practitioners at Grandview Health Partners. Some of the effective treatments include:

At Grandview Health Partners, our chiropractors deliver these treatment therapies that help in remodeling the fascia and ultimately strengthening your foot and lower leg tissues allowing you to get back to work and on with your life quickly.

If you have been suffering from what you think may be plantar fasciitis or any other kind of foot pain we urge you to make an appointment to discuss your condition with one of our chiropractors. It is quite possible we can get you in as soon as today!

If you want to see if chiropractic care is right for your condition, please contact our chiropractors for plantar fasciitis treatment in Chicago to get the appropriate treatment for you. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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My husband and I went this past Saturday. The receptionist was very friendly and courteous. The doctor was also very good. My husband said that he has had excellent experiences at Grandview Health Partners before, but this doctor was friendly and did an excellent job with my husband's heel pain.