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Do you suffer from constant neck pain?  Grandview Health Partners is a leading chiropractor clinic for neck pain treatment in Chicago. We offer several treatment options including a natural solution to relieve and manage neck pain.

Understanding neck pain and how it affects you may help you relieve and manage it with routine chiropractic care at our clinic.

Neck Pain Treatments by Chiropractors in Chicago IL

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck Pain is one of the most common conditions treated by our chiropractors at Grandview Health Partners. Neck pain can have a number of causes, but here are some of the most common ones we see:

  • Sprain/strain (whiplash)
  • Poor posture
  • Bulging disc
  • Upper cross syndrome
  • Arthritis

Neck pain is quite often accompanied by other secondary symptoms or problems in the surrounding areas such as the upper back and shoulders, or headaches. Sometimes neck pain is accompanied by pain that extends down one or both of the arms, or a pins and needles sensation that extends down into the finger tips.

What Should I Do About My Neck Pain?

Like with any medical condition, one of the most important steps in determining how to treat someone with neck pain is the evaluation process. At Grandview Health Partners, our chiropractic physicians will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition to properly determine the actual cause of your pain. After the examination, our chiropractors will explain to you the cause of your symptoms and how to treat your condition so that you experience long lasting relief. If the doctor feels that there is a need for diagnostic studies such as x-rays or an MRI we have a network of facilities that can get those studies done.

Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain usually involves an analysis of our patient’s posture. We look at the curvature of the spine in the cervical and thoracic areas to determine which muscles may need to be stretched and which ones may need to be strengthened. Our analysis also involves determining how each of the spinal joints is moving in relation to the bones around it. Areas of restricted movement can benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments that are directed at restoring motion to areas of restriction. When the muscles of the cervical spine are balanced and the joints are all moving properly, patients experience far fewer episodes of pain. Proper function of the muscles and joints in the neck is our goal and part of this work involves correcting poor posture. Poor posture develops often due to the amount of time people spend working directly in front of themselves, often looking down as with reading or typing on a keyboard. These postures put extra strain on the muscles in the back of the neck and the upper shoulder areas which is why these areas are very often tight and painful. Chiropractic treatments at Grandview Health Partners often aims to balance the tight and weak muscles and maintain proper movement at all levels of the cervical spine. These treatments are often very successful and can even provide relief for those patients with disc bulges or herniations.

If you want to see if chiropractic care is right for your condition, please contact our chiropractors for neck pain treatment in Chicago to get the appropriate treatment for you. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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 by Bryan Bonner

My mother has been suffering from neck pain for as long as I remember and she has tried a variety of treatments over the years. I booked her an appointment and a massage with Grandview Health Partners. When she felt more relief with the massage, I booked more consults and massages for her. She is enjoying reduced pain after several years. Thumbs up!