What are the Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries in Chicago?

What are the Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries in ChicagoAuto accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, 2.34 million people were injured in car accidents, and much of the injuries were serious. Victims of car and truck accidents can suffer all kinds of injuries, some of them resulting in permanent disability. These victims should contact an attorney to help them file their claim.

Some of the more common Car Injuries in Chicago include:

Broken ribs

Rib and chest injuries are quite common in traffic accidents. It is normal for a chest trauma to cause rib fractures when the force of the impact pushes the occupant of the vehicle towards their seat belt or airbag and the pressure causes this type of injury. Broken ribs are not usually fatal, but they can be very painful and prevent the victim from continuing his life normally.

In more serious cases, an accident could dislodge the ribs, collapse the lungs, and damage other tissues or organs. Other times, chest trauma can lead to cardiac arrest or internal bleeding.

Back injuries

Back injuries are very common in serious car and truck accidents. Victims can suffer damage to the spinal cord that adversely affects mobility, flexibility, and control of the body itself. Many of the victims end up with a disability and require 24-hour care.

Fractured discs are also a fairly common back injury. Its victims may feel asleep or weakened muscles and pain. Although not as serious as a spinal cord injury, it can lead to chronic pain or months of physical therapy.

Broken bones

Bone breakage occurs in many accidents when the person tries to prepare for the crash. For example, you may reach out and place your hand on the dashboard and the impact may put stress on your hand, wrist, and arm.

In some cases, broken bones heal in a few months. However, if they don’t do it properly, you may suffer for the rest of your life. Some accidents can also injure other limbs, which implies a loss of mobility and great emotional suffering.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head injuries occur when the accident victim suffers a blow to the head against the steering wheel, window, or another part of the car. Any type of head injury can lead to traumatic brain injury, with or without long-term effects. Some of these effects include cognitive difficulties, loss of vision and hearing, and permanent disability.

Whiplash is a neck injury that often occurs in rear-end collisions and typically causes loss of sensation, stiffness, dizziness, and pain. In more serious cases, the victim may suffer a herniated disc, neck fracture, or spinal cord injury. As a result, the patient may need surgery or Physical Therapy. In more serious cases, they may be permanently disabled and need to stay home to take care of themselves.

All injuries, regardless of their size, have devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences for victims and their families. But you don’t have to suffer alone.

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