Most Common Runner Injuries and How to Recover in Chicago

Most Common Runner Injuries and How to Recover in ChicagoRunning raises self-esteem, it is good for the body, the mind and, in addition, it is accessible. But like any sport it has its risks. Learn what are the most common injuries of runners and how to recover.

Get informed before you start running in Chicago

Running has become a popular activity thanks to its multiple benefits. Practicing this sport releases hormones that fight depression and increase the feeling of well-being. It also strengthens the immune system, respiratory capacity, among many other health benefits.

It is also an accessible sport. You just need the right clothes and shoes to go running. You don’t have to join a gym, unless you want to combine it with other physical activities.

Doctors recommend staying active, and this is a good way to do it. However, if proper technique is unknown or your body is being pushed too hard, you can end up off the court in no time. In fact, the most common injuries to runners are the product of ignorance.

Before you start playing sports next spring, figure out the best way to do it. Buy the right shoes according to your foot type. Ask your doctor and physical therapist for recommendations and draw up a training plan. Start according to your physical conditions, do not try to demand more than what the body can give.

Most common runner injuries and how to recover in Chicago

The risk of getting injured while running is high. Running is a high-impact sport, so it’s common to injure yourself, especially the lower body.

The intensity and consequences of injuries vary from person to person. If the problem is minor, it can be solved with rest. But if there is serious damage they may require surgery and a longer period out of action.

The best measures to prevent injuries to the body that you can take are to strengthen your muscles, work on technique, and progress at your own pace. Even so, the risk is there and you need to know the most common problems that runners suffer.

Patellar tendonitis
It is one of the most frequent and dangerous problems when running. It consists of inflammation of the patellar tendon, the one that joins the patella to the leg. The origin is overload and repetitive movements.

Patellar teninitis initially manifests as mild discomfort, which worsens over time. Pain occurs below the patella when running or bending the knee.

To avoid knee injuries running warm up well, do stretching exercises focused on the quadriceps and calf. Shortening your strides will also help prevent it.

Tibial shin splints
Tibia stress or shin splints occurs when there is work overload or when training is increased abruptly. That is, the muscles are not prepared for the extra effort that you demand.

The periosteum of the tibia is the outer membrane that covers the bones, when inflamed it produces periostitis. It manifests with intense pain in the inner part of the leg. Small lumps may also appear along the tibia.

To prevent it, it is recommended to increase the effort gradually and run on soft surfaces.

Plantar fasciitis
It is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is the tendon found on the bottom of the foot. It is a nuisance that affects not only runners, but also people who are overweight or who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Among its causes is the use of inappropriate footwear or suddenly increasing the training load. The best recommendation to prevent it is to buy the right running shoes for your foot type.


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