Pain Management After a Car Crash in Chicago

Pain Management After a Car Crash in ChicagoMaybe you had a crash but it wasn’t that bad, or so it seemed at the time it happened.

It may be that you were carrying out your daily routine or traveling in your car without worries, when suddenly, you heard a rumble in the back of your car, while this was happening you may have hit or hurt some part of your body, but in general, it may feel good.

You may have taken notes and exchanged information with the other motorist, and ended up clarifying the matter.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, he begins to have very intense pain in his back and when he finally notices it, he realizes that he has trauma to his spine due to the crash. What can you do now?

A car accident is about more than a collision in Chicago

It’s not uncommon for injury-related pain after a car accident to be delayed, and in many cases, you may not even know you have serious damage until a certain amount of time has passed.

Superficial injuries, bruises, or broken bones, are the injuries with which most of the time, the insurers and those involved in the crash realize the seriousness of the accident.

When a traumatic experience like this occurs, most people are happy to be aware and alert. After the initial shock of the accident, when it wears off, the injuries may have been hidden due to the adrenaline of the moment, in fact, you are more likely to feel some discomfort a day after the accident than during the impact.

Why are the symptoms of damage or injury from an accident delayed in Chicago?

In addition to physical damage, traffic accidents cause physical and emotional changes in the body that can serve to disguise the symptoms of injuries.

In response to the type of stress that an accident causes, your body makes two chemicals that are meant to give you enough energy to get through the stressful situation. These chemicals can also temporarily block the sensation of pain.

Once the stress begins to subside, you may begin to experience symptoms of injuries that you were not aware of.

In addition to having adrenaline masking your symptoms after an auto accident in Chicago, it can also take time for injuries to appear while your body settles back down after the trauma.

When you ride in a car, your body moves at the same rate of speed as your vehicle. During an impact, your car stops, but your body continues moving until it suddenly stops because of a seatbelt, airbag, or another barrier. This abrupt change in momentum often causes soft tissue damage, like what occurs with whiplash. These types of ligament or muscle strains take time to develop because inflammation, swelling, and stiffness don’t occur immediately.

You can also experience trauma to your spine during an auto accident that affects your intervertebral discs. These discs act as cushions between vertebral bones and give your spine flexibility. When you damage a disc, it can tear, bulge, or herniate. Over time, these injuries can put pressure on nerves and the surrounding tissues, causing pain.


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