Plantar Fasciitis – Symptoms and Causes in Chicago IL

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis in Chicago IllinoisPlantar fasciitis is a disease that occurs due to inflammation of the plantar fascia, that is, the fibrous tissue that surrounds the intrinsic muscles of the foot and that goes from the calcaneus (heel) to the toes. This structure has an essential function in walking, as it is one of the main responsible for maintaining the plantar arch, absorbing and returning the energy that is produced when the foot hits the ground. In addition, it is responsible for protecting the metatarsals avoiding excessive flexion of the fingers.


Juan Carlos Montero Arroyo, advertising and networking member of the Professional Podiatry College of the Community of Madrid (Copoma), points out that behind plantar fasciitis there are general causes, such as being overweight, the degree of intensity of the physical activity we perform or use inappropriate footwear.

In addition, there may be other biomechanical causes or appear due to the shape of the foot. For example, feet that have a very flattened plantar arch, those that present an increase in stiffness or a shortening in certain muscles


The main symptom of this injury is pain that occurs in the inner area of ​​the heel, the part where the plantar fascia is inserted, and that usually manifests itself more intensely in the morning due to the morning stiffness of the fascia than by the night is shortened.

The pain is usually accompanied by mild swelling, redness, and tenderness in the lower part of the heel.

In the case of athletes, the pain will only appear in the morning and after practicing sports activity so, in general, you can continue doing the activity.


The first measure to take when dealing with plantar fasciitis is rest.

From there, the initial treatment usually consists of the combination of anti-inflammatories with different physiotherapy treatments aimed at alleviating the inflammation of the fascia in the acute phase of this disorder.

It is important to go to the podiatrist when the first symptoms appear, since applying the treatment early guarantees that the recovery from the injury is better. In the consultation, the specialist will determine the most appropriate treatment: functional bandages, stretching, laser footwear revision, custom podiatry insoles, physiotherapy, etc.

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