Causes of Whiplash in Car Accident ChicagoWhiplash Syndrome, better known as whiplash, is diagnosed after the neck undergoes a sudden change in position; a jerk or rapid movement of it caused by the movement of the head followed from front to back or vice versa. The most popular example is after being involved in a car accident, the classic hit from behind, although it can also occur in falls and slips.

Those who have suffered this type of mishap, sometimes, at first, do not perceive the real damage that has occurred in the neck and how affected the area is. However, symptoms such as discomfort and pain in the neck and/or the rest of the back, stiffness when moving/rolling, headaches, dizziness, etc .; end up appearing and, if not treated properly, can cause permanent sequelae.

Recovery from this type of injury depends on many factors, although the most important, as we said, is to go to a specialist to determine whether or not we should take measures after the accident, and any medical treatment or physiotherapeutic recovery must be carried out. to regain good mobility without suffering more pain or discomfort of any kind.

Factors that influence a good recovery from whiplash in Chicago

At Grandview Health Partners we ensure the health of our patients and their good and speedy recovery after any type of setback of these characteristics. Witnesses of many cases, certainly, sometimes, doubts arise about how fast this can be and if there are determining factors that make possible – or hinder – the rehabilitation process.

Therefore, we want to talk about these doubts that appear around this topic and provide information on taboos that are not true regarding the “cure” of whiplash, and others that should be taken into account for it to be effective and to carry out the entire procedure. much more bearable, with a successful result.

After various scientific studies, it has been shown that factors such as age or gender do not influence when our recovery, after suffering a cervical sprain, is more or less rapid. Neither is the range of motion of the neck after diagnosis. With the application of the appropriate therapies, even and the great limitations and pain that many people have presented after an accident of this type, they have fully recovered, in the logical forecast of time.


The recovery of all cervical sprains is multifactorial, therefore, it depends on certain factors. For the most part, we speak, mainly, of strategies to see how to face the recovery and rehabilitation phase of these injuries, and of the psychological background that many accidents of these characteristics hide. Not so much of the damage to the neck tissues, which with work and good therapy we can recover satisfactorily.

Age and gender, as we have already said, are not premises that determine, decisively, their influence on a correct recovery. With the will to move forward, it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, or to be twenty or fifty years old. Everything is commitment and dedication to carry out the rehabilitation that our case requires. The key to everything is trusting the professionals who are working on our recovery and maintaining a positive outlook during treatment; This will clearly help in the proper evolution.

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