What Is Sports Medicine in Chicago IL?

Sports Medicine Chiropractors in Chicago Illinois

An Overview Of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine, is the branch of medicine specialized in sports or exercise medicine, consists of a specialty that combines in multiple applications, which is why it is known as multidisciplinary, in order to study the performance of the human body from a scientific perspective. physical activities. This study is especially focused on sports practitioners having optimal health, achieving great performance, especially, being treated through treatments in case of injuries. This medical branch is not independent or isolated from the other branches since you work in conjunction with other areas such as orthopedics, traumatology, cardiology, physiology, nutrition, rehabilitation, and even psychology.

Despite being a recent specialty recently, sports medicine has its origins in ancient times. Such an affirmation is not unjustified since it can be seen in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Sumerian, and Greek, and in those townsmen needed their physical performance and military strength. It is not surprising that in the Hellenic era and in the Roman Empire (times that stand out for military expansionism) it was held in high esteem due to the great relevance of physical exercise in those times. For example, with the Olympic tradition of the ancient Greeks, the importance of physical activities became evident, adding to that aspect of nutrition, a factor of cardinal importance for the care of athletes.

Former sports doctors are responsible for keeping practitioners in top condition as well as treating injuries sustained during training or competitions. It took several centuries (until the Renaissance) to begin the study and publication of various medical treatments around the sport. In modern times, doctors experimented with a more complex study of athletes in order to understand how the body worked and what changes occurred when it was ever in various physical exercises.

Over the years, these studies increased, thanks in part to the technological advances that took place in the medical field, especially after the First and Second World Wars. In our country, sports medicine began to take on great value and experienced considerable progress in the days before the Olympics that were held in 1968, this is because coaches and researchers are concerned about the performance of US athletes in a global competition.

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