How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Blood Pressure in Chicago

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Blood Pressure in ChicagoWhat is hypertension?

Arterial hypertension occurs when the blood, during its journey through the blood vessels, encounters more resistance to circulate. When this happens, the heart is forced to pump harder, making the pressure at which it pushes the blood higher than normal. Hypertension can be due to different causes: sleep apnea, hormonal disorders, kidney diseases, etc. But, nevertheless, in a high percentage of cases the causes that produce it are not known.

In general, hypertension does not cause any symptoms as it can be present for years and, on the other hand, does not cause any pain. However, it causes small vascular lesions throughout the body that can (and is common) end up giving serious complications such as vascular thrombosis (clot formation within the blood vessels). Thrombosis prevents the passage of blood to the cells and, in turn, the cells, lacking blood supply, deteriorate and devitalize, even leading to death.

Hypertension Treatments in Chicago

Hypertension is very simple to diagnose and there are several ways to control it. Doctors regularly prescribe a drug cocktail to reduce blood pressure. The most prescribed drugs are diuretics, beta blockers, angiotensin inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, vasodilators and drugs that act directly on the central nervous system. Each of these drugs has a different active principle, as well as the different side effects that they could cause.

Anatomic abnormalities of the spine at the Atlas level (first cervical) are associated with decreased blood supply to the spinal cord and brain stem and increased blood pressure. This study, conducted on 50 patients with hypertension, compares various methods of care: medications, placebos, and Chiropractic. Manual corrections or vertebral adjustments in this area have proven to be very effective in reducing hypertension.

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