The Relationship with Pain in your Neck and Shoulder in Chicago

The Relationship Between Shoulder and Neck Pain in ChicagoUndoubtedly neck pain or cervical pain and cervical disorders, in general, affect a large population in Chicago today, in addition to causing work incapacity on many occasions. Which means very high annual expenses.

Headache, neck pain. In addition, it appears that 85% of people who have suffered neck pain usually have new episodes of pain, even one year after having suffered the first episode of pain.

In all this uncertainty about the possible causes of neck pain, several groups of researchers, experimentally, found that by raising the shoulders of patients suffering from neck pain, the symptoms were considerably reduced or even disappeared. In addition, it increased their range of mobility.

Why Does My Neck Hurt in Chicago?

The answer is simpler than it may seem: the structural changes that occur in the neck muscles cause certain muscles, such as the trapezius and angular scapulae, which connect the shoulder with the cervical spine, to have a more muscular tone.

When the researchers lifted their patients’ shoulders, they managed to give these muscles some “slack” so that they were not the source of pain or limited cervical mobility.

However, what these facts only give us is the relationship between the scapula and shoulder pain. Since, as we have advanced at the beginning of the entry, neck pain is complex and is usually mediated by different causes.


If neck pain is related to the shoulder, what should we do to fix it in Chicago?

Cervical exercise, stabilization It is easy for it to cross our minds that, if raising the shoulders reduces the symptoms, it would be easy to use an orthosis that would raise the shoulders and the problem would already be solved.

Obviously, these types of practices are not only discredited by scientific evidence but also have no health logic, since in no case do they seek to treat the origin of the problem.

However, scientific research reveals that when we perform scapular control and stabilization exercises, the symptoms disappear immediately.

Therefore, it seems logical to think that when neck pain is related to a lack of scapular stability, the way to solve it is through therapeutic exercise guided and prescribed by a physiotherapist.


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