ACL Injury? Chiropractic in Chicago IL Can Help!

Chiropractors Treating Patients With ACL Injuries in Chicago

ACL Injury And Chiropractic
One of the most common knee injuries that we see, mostly in athletes is ACL injuries and it is quite well-known as well. Most of the people think that ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injury is only for athletes and truth be told, it can happen irrespective of the fact whether you are an active person or not. However, there are several measures that you can take to prevent ACL injury and chiropractic care can certainly help.

Anatomy Of The Knee
Knee joint contains four bones – The patella, fabia, tibia and femur. Moreover, there are tendons from the calf muscles, shin and thigh that are attached directly to this joint. Furthermore, two fibrous discs are inside this join and their purpose is to provide a congruent surface upon which the bones will move. Four of the main ligaments help a lot with joint stabilization. These are the posterior cruciate ligament, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), lateral collateral ligament and medial collateral ligament.

ACL Statistics
Through the prevention of too much forward movement of the thigh bone on the shine bone, ACL assists in stabilizing your knee. According to an estimate by American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine that 150,000 ACL injuries are reported on an annual basis in the United States. The same organization has estimated that these injuries can cost up to $500 million annually. Above all, they are more common among women than in men.

Causes of ACL Injuries
The injuries caused due to ACL are not only limited to athletes. Some of the most common causes of ACL include:

  • Suddenly slowing down while running
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Landing poorly
  • Quickly changing directions
  • Forceful contact or a direction collision

These actions commonly occur while playing a sport but they can also happen in everyday life too.

Chiropractic Care and ACL Injuries
Chiropractic Care can definitely help in the healing process of ACL. It helps to improve the nervous system that controls everything within your body as well as how it heals. If we talk at the very basic level, chiropractic care can help with ACL. However, to what extent it can help depends a lot on the severity of the injury. For instance, an adjustment in the knee joint will to restore its joint’s motion and full function of the knee. This will speed up the healing process.

This is extremely helpful with ACL sprains which usually happens whenever the ligament is overstretched. However, when it comes to a severe injury like a torn ACL, chiropractic adjustments will still help in the healing process but unfortunately it will not help to recreate or regenerate the connections of the torn fibers.

If you have been suffering from ACL injury, you can contact us today to book an appointment. Though it is not possible for our chiropractors to reconnect a torn ligament but they will always go an extra mile to do their best and help restore proper knee function, healing and its motion.

If you are looking to improve your overall health through the different benefits of regular chiropractic care, the top rated chiropractors in Chicago can help you. Book your session today by calling us or simply tap on the schedule your appointment button and get it done online.

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