TMJ: Can Chiropractic Care in Chicago IL Stop the Pain?

What Is TMJ Syndrome And How Can Chiropractors in Chicago Help?

TMJ: Can Chiropractic Practice Help Stop It?
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder: It is a disorder, also referred to as TMJ, which occurs in the person’s joints where his upper and lower jaws meet. If you don’t suffer from the TMJ disorder, you don’t have any idea as to how much this joint gets used on a daily basis. Whether it be chewing, talking, smiling or any other activity which involves you mouth, this joint gets used frequently. When someone suffers from TMJ, it means he experiences a hell lot of pain regularly. In case you suffer from this disorder, you will have symptoms which include discomfort, headaches, trouble in swallowing, jaw clicking, teeth clenching and many others. Fortunately, help is available in the chiropractic world for individuals who are suffering with TMJ.

Heat & Ice
Majority of the people began treating their TMJ disorder by altering heat and ice. The joint which is affected by TMJ will often experience inflammation. This means that when you apply heat or ice, it will help ease the pain caused by inflammation. One of the most commonly used method is to apply an ice pack or a heating pad directly on the joint for a certain time period, especially after when someone uses their jaw too much.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines
Whether it is over-the-counter medicine like Tylenol or Ibuprofen or your doctor prescribes you some strong anti-inflammatory, medicine is quite often used and consumed to alleviated the symptoms of TMJ. For some individuals it works like wonders while for others it doesn’t and they continue suffering with pain. In the short term, medication can provide useful for TMJ symptoms like headache and mouth discomfort.

Mouth Guard
A lot of people who suffer from TMJ disorder will grind their teeth at night. While the reason for this is still unknown, some of the people often resort to wearing a mouthguard at night which helps to prevent this grind. However, this does not resolve TMJ, though improves some symptoms like teeth grinding which worsens the symptoms of TMJ.

Chiropractic Care
Probably one of the best options for TMJ is chiropractic care. In majority of the cases, chiropractic care dramatically helps to alleviate the painful side-effects of TMJ. The idea here is that chiropractic care fixes the misalignments of the spine, and these misalignments cause the problems that occur between your body and the central nervous system which eliminates the pain. If you want chiropractic care for TMJ, you can try getting in touch with one of our chiropractors at Grandview Health Partners. At Grandview Health Partners, appointments are usually quickly processed and we have a very affordable pricing plan. If you want to eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by TMJ once and for all, our chiropractors can help you get on the right track in no time.

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